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Welcome to Colour Stop, where we transform lanyards and ID cards into dynamic elements that define and represent your brand across various industries. At Colour Stop, our mission is clear – to be your trusted partner in crafting brand identity. We understand that your brand is not just a name, it’s a unique identity that deserves to be showcased with pride. With years of experience and a passion for design, we’ve honed our craft in creating lanyards and ID cards that stand out. From corporate professionalism to event vibrancy, our designs speak the language of your brand.

No two brands are alike, and neither should their lanyards and ID cards be. That’s why we offer a wide range of customization options, from materials and colors to logos and printing techniques, ensuring your identity shines through in every detail. We serve a diverse range of industries, understanding the unique needs and aesthetics of each. Whether you’re in education, healthcare, hospitality, or any other field, our lanyards and ID cards are tailored to resonate with your brand’s values.

Quality is at the heart of everything we do. We use premium materials and conduct rigorous quality checks to ensure that every product we create is a testament to excellence. Your brand’s identity is our priority. Let Colour Stop be the canvas on which your brand’s story is beautifully painted. Together, we can craft lanyards and ID cards embodying your brand’s essence.

Join the growing list of satisfied clients entrusted with Colour Stop to elevate their brand’s representation. Experience the difference between personalized service, creative design, and a commitment to quality. Choose Colour Stop, where every lanyard and ID card becomes a symbol of your brand’s identity.

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Crafted with precision and designed to impress, our lanyards serve as dynamic brand ambassadors. From corporate elegance to event vibrancy, choose from an array of premium materials and customization options to create lanyards that showcase your brand’s essence wherever they go.

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ID Cards

Your identity deserves the best representation. Our ID cards blend design finesse with security, ensuring your brand is carried with confidence. Whether it’s for access control, corporate identification, or events, our custom-designed ID cards seamlessly integrate your branding while prioritizing safety and professionalism.

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Prabhu Patni

Prabhu Patni

Director: 99201 01888

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Prabhu Patni is an accomplished and visionary leader in the corporate world. With a wealth of experience spanning multiple industries, he has consistently demonstrated a keen strategic acumen and a relentless drive for success.

As a company director, Prabhu has played a pivotal role in steering the organization towards growth and prosperity. His leadership style is characterized by a strong commitment to innovation, a focus on building high-performing teams, and an unwavering dedication to the company’s mission and values.

Under his guidance, the company has achieved remarkable milestones, expanding its footprint and solidifying its position as an industry leader. Prabhu’s leadership is marked by a forward-thinking approach, always seeking new opportunities and pioneering initiatives that push the boundaries of what’s possible.