Colour Stop has developed a specialized range of contactless products tailored for metropolitan cities and public transport operators.

Our offerings include:

  • Pre-personalized paper tickets: Ideal for single trips or sold in books, available in Teslin or cardboard materials.
  • Anonymous cards: Perfect for weekly or monthly passes, with on-the-spot chip personalization.
  • Personalized cards: Suited for subscriptions or special tariffs, featuring both card and chip personalization on-site.

Colour Stop’s contactless cards are compatible with a variety of technologies, including Mifare (from Ultralight to Desfire), Calypso (Classic and Light), and Java Cards (with Mifare and Calypso software). Trust Colour Stop to provide efficient and customizable solutions for metropolitan transit systems and public transportation companies.


For subscription cards or discounted rates, users are incentivized to create an online account linked to their credit card through Colour Stop’s Digital platform. This system manages identities and payment methods seamlessly.

Once identities are verified, cards are personalized and can be delivered to the user’s address or picked up at a designated location.

After card issuance, users gain access to various online account management features, including itinerary planning, credit purchase, and card replacement requests, providing convenience and flexibility in managing their accounts. Trust Colour Stop to streamline the process of card issuance and online account management with our advanced digital solutions.


Colour Stop ensures the reliability and compatibility of its issued transport cards with approved reading systems.

In response to customer needs, Colour Stop develops additional applications for transport cards, enabling access to various services such as parking, bike rental, library access, and city sports fields.

Through the integration of these multi-applicative features, the transport card evolves into a comprehensive municipal or regional identity card. As a member of the ADCET (Association for the development of digital uses in territories), Colour Stop is authorized to issue Multiservice Citizen Application (AMC data), further enhancing the functionality and utility of the card. Trust Colour Stop to deliver versatile and integrated solutions that cater to the diverse needs of municipalities and regions.

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