National identiTy


“At Colour Stop, we’re at the forefront of managing national identity programs worldwide, spanning all continents. Our comprehensive solutions cover the entire process from enrollment to issuance, seamlessly integrating biometrics and data management technologies.

Primarily focusing on cards such as ID cards, driver’s licenses, health cards, and voter cards, our product range also includes consumables for passports like eDatapages. Additionally, we offer innovative digital solutions such as eGovernment platforms, ensuring efficiency and security in governmental operations. Trust Colour Stop for end-to-end solutions that redefine the standards of national identity programs.”


At Colour Stop, we provide versatile enrolment systems, available in both fixed (desktop) and mobile configurations using biometric tablets. Our systems efficiently collect data, enabling the personalization of cards that adhere to international standards.

This data collection and personalization process can either take place on-site, with the establishment of a dedicated personalization site, or at one of Colour Stop’s high-security facilities.

Our infrastructure for identity document issuance presents an opportunity for the establishment of a national register. Colour Stop excels in managing these projects by seamlessly integrating existing databases, including health cards, passports, ID cards, and driving licenses, with cutting-edge technological solutions. Trust us to deliver effective solutions that streamline identity management processes while ensuring security and compliance.


At Colour Stop, we understand the transformative power of digital solutions in enhancing citizen services and streamlining administrative procedures with heightened security.

Today, numerous processes, such as identity document renewal, can be seamlessly digitalized, offering convenience and efficiency to citizens.

Through SELP Digital, we specialize in crafting bespoke solutions for governments, focusing on three main objectives: administrative modernization, efficient tax collection, and promoting good governance.

Our expertise extends to assisting governments in simplifying administrative procedures, ensuring that citizens can navigate governmental services with ease. Digital solutions play a vital role in facilitating fee payments, certificate requests, and appointment scheduling with administrative offices, providing a user-friendly experience for all. Trust Colour Stop to empower governments with innovative digital solutions that optimize service delivery and enhance citizen engagement.

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