Tailored Solutions

At Colour Stop, we proudly partner with leading commercial brands across Europe, providing them with tailored solutions for their loyalty programs and customer services. Our expertise lies in supplying high-quality cards to a wide range of industries, including large-scale distribution, specialized retail, and luxury brands.

We offer comprehensive services to retail clients, managing every aspect of their card programs with precision and care:

  • Production of cards on a variety of surfaces, including cardboard, PVC, PLA, and wood.
  • Efficient stock management to ensure timely delivery.
  • Finishing and securing options such as soft-touch, diffractive elements, and edge-coloring.
  • Expert data management, including client data and monetary code generation.
  • On-demand personalization for a unique touch.
  • Innovative carrier creation to enhance brand visibility.
  • Complete fulfillment services, including folding, postage, and traceability.
  • Dematerialization solutions for a seamless transition to digital platforms.

Our omnichannel approach integrates both physical cards and digital solutions, ensuring a comprehensive and effective offering for our clients. At Colour Stop, we’re dedicated to elevating your brand’s identity and enhancing customer experiences through our premium solutions.


“At Colour Stop, we excel in the realm of prepaid cards, where security and technology are paramount. Our prepaid cards are meticulously designed to meet the highest standards, offering tamper-proof features and seamless compatibility with checkout systems. Whether for single-use or reloadable purposes, our cards serve as genuine means of payment, ensuring convenience and reliability for users.

Packaging is a key component of our prepaid card solutions. At Colour Stop, we offer a diverse selection of innovative carriers, along with customizable options to suit specific needs. This aspect of our service is handled entirely within our French factories, guaranteeing quality and control without any reliance on subcontractors. Trust Colour Stop to deliver premium prepaid card solutions that prioritize security, innovation, and reliability.”


“For years, the Colour Stop team at our Puy Guillaume facility has been the trusted supplier of scratch tickets to national lotteries. Drawing from this extensive gaming expertise, we’ve tailored our offerings to meet the needs of today’s retail landscape.

We provide commercial brands with a unique, customizable, and secure concept designed to drive store traffic and foster customer loyalty. From crafting engaging game mechanics to designing eye-catching scratch cards, our team offers comprehensive support at every stage of organizing a promotional game. We handle everything from managing winners at points of sale to overseeing the operation’s control, ensuring a seamless and successful campaign for your brand.”

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