Colour Stop is a premier producer in the prepaid card sector, crafting millions of secure and versatile cards annually. Our prepaid cards are compatible with various checkout systems and come in both single-use and reloadable options. 

We offer comprehensive digital solutions alongside physical cards for omnichannel use. Trusted by international issuers in debit-card programs, specialized retail, and mobile operations, Colour Stop ensures top-quality, secure transactions for every client.


Colourstop has supplied banking cards for more than twenty years. Our global offer to the financial institutions includes :

• development of certified Operating Systems,
• creation of innovative card bodies,
• manufacturing (two certified sites),
• personalization and fulfillment,
• global assistance (consulting and training)

Colourstop also offers technology transfer for banks or service providers: we create and maintain personalization centers.


Main commercial brands in Europe have chosen Colourstop within the framework of their loyalty programs and customers’ services.

Our company supplies physical cards and digital solutions for the large-scale distribution, specialized retail and luxury brands.

In the retail sector, loyalty and payment programs require crossed solutions that Colourstop can also provide.


Colour Stop is a global leader trusted by over 40 countries for managing national identity programs. Specializing in secure polycarbonate identity cards and passport datapages, 

we offer end-to-end solutions from enrollment to issuance. Our services include biometric enrollment, database management, document personalization, and digital identity solutions for governments seeking administrative enhancements.

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