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Colour Stop Solutions introduces a sophisticated personalization system developed by our R&D team. This system covers every aspect of smart card issuance, from data reception to card fulfillment, and complies with international standards.

Proven by the issuance of 55 million payment cards worldwide, Colour Stop Perso ensures efficiency and versatility, integrating seamlessly with cards and machines from any supplier.


With over 100 million personalized cards annually, Colour Stop stands as a global leader in this domain. We offer three distinct types of personalization services:

  1. Outsourcing: Personalization in secure Colour Stop workshops in France or India.
  2. Insourcing: Personalization at client premises with equipment and support from Colour Stop.
  3. Service Bureau: Colour Stop creates and operates fully equipped personalization centers, offering flexible partnership models.


Colour Stop excels not only in card personalization but also in customizing communication materials such as letters, coupons, and booklets. Our cutting-edge equipment seamlessly integrates card personalization with corresponding communication supports. Our system meticulously verifies alignment.

With Colour Stop, clients receive a fully finished product, personalized, packaged, and prepared for immediate dispatch, eliminating the need for subcontracting.


Colour Stop maintains multiple storage platforms globally, accessible to our clients. This strategic setup enables us to leverage economies of scale in production while ensuring products are readily available.

This logistics solution caters to clients with a global presence, offering localized supply solutions for their points of sale.

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